Royal College
of Surgeons

The RCSI Heritage Collection includes historical items associated with
neuroscience such as the 2nd edition manuscript of De Humani Corporis Fabrica
and a selection of anatomical wax figures.

De Humani Corporis Fabrica

by Andreas Vesalius

A 2nd edition manuscript of this pioneering work from 1555 written by the “founder of modern anatomy” is housed in RCSI. It consists of 7 books in total, with Book 4 focusing on nerves, and Book 7 focusing on the brain. This is the only 2nd edition copy in Ireland, and is one of only 113 copies known to be held worldwide.

See it here.

Wax Anatomical Models

A collection of 22 wax anatomical models are on display in RCSI’s Department of Anatomy. They are nearly 190 years old and were used as an alternative teaching aid to cadavers, which were difficult to preserve. 11 of the 22 models are by the celebrated wax modeller Jacques Talrich, making this the largest collection of Talrich’s work in the world. A visit can be arranged by emailing

See them here.


RCSI Heritage Collection,
3rd floor,
Mercer Hospital,
Mercer St.,
Dublin 2