Abstract Submission Guidelines

Registration and abstract submissions will open on Friday 13th June 2014.

Please bear the following in mind when submitting your abstracts:

  • Abstracts are limited to 250 words.
  • You do not need to submit an abstract at the time of registration, you may modify your registration at a later date.
  • When submitting an abstract, be sure to complete all the necessary fields.
  • Please note that, due to time constraints, not all submissions for oral communications can be accommodated – any submissions which are not selected will be automatically registered as poster presentations (the author will be informed well in advance of the symposium).
  • Select the abstract category that best matches your research. If your abstract does not fit into any of the categories, select “Other”.
  • Abstract titles should not contain unneeded capitalisation – only use capitals at the beginning of the title, for proper nouns or when following standard rules for nomenclature.
  • Do not use acronyms in your titles. Write out acronyms in full when first introduced (with the short form in parentheses immediately after) in the body of the abstract.
  • Do not put author names into the body of the abstract, use the the separate box for additional author names.
  • Do bear in mind you may need to include an acknowledgement of funding in your abstract – check with your institutional research office or grant awarding body for more details.
  • Be clear and concise when writing your abstract but do not forget to include enough details on the methods and results to give readers a fair idea of what to expect from your presentation.
  • Where possible, use n numbers and give a brief numerical description of relevant statistics (i.e. mean, standard error, p values, etc.).
  • Do not forget to include a conclusion at the end of your abstract.
  • If you have any queries about the submission process or you want to withdraw an abstract please contact the organising committee by email: youngneuroireland@gmail.com