Final Deadline for Early Registration and Abstract Submission – 17th of July, 5.00 pm

Dear NSI Members,

We would like to notify you that the NSI Conference Early-Bird Registration and Abstract Submission deadline has now been extended to next Friday the 31st of July at 5.00 p.m. to still allow for more delegates to attend our conference and present their work with a lower-rate for registration.

Please be reminded that this is the FINAL extension of this deadline for abstract submission. Late registration will be open after this deadline and during our conference, although with an increased fee.

To register for our conference and submit an abstract, as well as to register for our conference dinner, please go to:

If you are an Invited Speaker or Sponsor/Exhibitor, please make sure to register through the Invited Speaker and Sponsor/Exhibitor sections, respectively, accessed through the above link.

Kindest regards,

Stella Vlachou

9th NSI Conference Co-ordinator

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