FENS committee roles for current and former NSI Presidents

Neuroscience Ireland is delighted to announce that our current President, Áine Kelly from Trinity College Dublin, and two past Presidents, Eilís Dowd from NUI Galway and Richard Roche from Maynooth University, have been elected to new committee roles within FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies).

Drawing members from 33 European national societies, including Neuroscience Ireland, and 11 single discipline societies,  FENS brings together over 20,000 neuroscientists across 33 European countries. Its mission is to advance research and education in neuroscience within and outside Europe and to facilitate interaction and coordination between its members.  It achieves much of this mission through the work of its committees, thus it is a great coup for Neuroscience Ireland to have 3 members in such important and influential roles at European level.

Eilís has been elected Chair, and Richard has been elected to membership, of  the FENS Communications Committee. Its purpose is to strengthen FENS identity and increase visibility of its activities among the scientific community and its partners in order that the work of FENS and its member societies can reach the widest audience possible and make the greatest impact. It also has an important role in facilitating communication between members. In the midst of a  global pandemic, with remote working and limited international travel, this communications work is more important now than ever.

Áine has been elected to the Committee on Higher Education and Training, which manages programmes that offer opportunities for education and professional development in neuroscience throughout Europe. Higher education opportunities include high-level schools, advanced training courses, travel grants, programmes for student exchange and short visits. FENS also connects national institutions for higher neuroscience education in Europe, providing a platform for interaction and exchange of best practices.

All three were elected to the respective committees at the FENS virtual forum in July 2020 and will serve in their roles until July 2022. Warmest congratulations and best of luck to each!

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