Dr Peter Murphy – NSI Early Career Investigator Award Winner

Congratulation to Dr Peter Murphy, winner of the NSI Early Career Investigator Award 2020. Peter will present his  research at the NSI Young Investigator Symposium on November 6th. Registration remains open for the symposium (click here) and we encourage you attend to hear this and the many other exciting and interesting talks.

Peter studies ways in which human cognition is shaped by the brain’s arousal systems, with an emphasis on the computations that support decision-making. This line of work started during his PhD at Trinity College Dublin (2009–2012) where he assessed the utility of pupil diameter as a non-invasive proxy for the activity of neuromodulatory systems, and continued through his postdoc work at Leiden University (2012–2015) and University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (2015–present) where he used psychophysics, modelling, pharmacology and various neuroimaging methods to examine how we adapt our decision-making to different contexts. He has also worked on error detection and cognitive control; and  will soon begin a Marie Curie Fellowship back at Trinity College to investigate commonalities between decision-making and working memory, and shared mechanisms for their decline in old age.

Congratulation Peter from all at NSI

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