Dr Kathy Ruddy awarded HRB Emerging Investigator Award

Congratulations Dr Kathy Ruddy, the 2018 NSI Early Career Investigator Awardee, on being awarded a HRB Emerging Investigator Award. She is developing a new approach to stroke rehabilitation for the upper limb based on TMS neurofeedback.

By playing a simple computer game, we encourage stroke patients to reconnect with their paralysed limb. Magnetic brain stimulation is used to evoke small twitches in the stroke affected muscles. The game displays the size of these twitches to the patient, and trains them to make them larger. The patient gains a sense of control over their own recovery, by training to improve their brain’s output signals to the muscles using neurofeedback, which we predict may lead to better outcomes for regaining movement function.

Dr Ruddy said: “The HRB Emerging Investigator award will kick start my programme of research into how we can use magnetic brain stimulation in combination with neurofeedback, to promote better recovery outcomes for stroke patients.”

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