BNA-ABN joint symposium ‘Meeting of Minds’, Sept 2016

BNA-ABN Meeting of Minds_3-3-2016

‘Meeting of Minds’ is a one-day symposium jointly convened by the BNA and ABN, hosted by the Cardiff University’s Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute (NMHRI).

Thursday 29th September 2016

Hadyn Ellis Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

The British Neuroscience Association and the Association of British Neurologists not only share initials but also a desire to understand the translational links between basic and clinical neuroscience.
For the first time, the two societies are joining forces, to bring together experts and interested researchers in a one day ‘Meeting of Minds’.   Two related topics, epilepsy and amnesia will be discussed, with talks given by international experts in their fields and attendees presenting posters for discussion.

The meeting will bring together people from related, but different, disciplines in order to shine a light on these two taxing neurological conditions.  The meeting will promote informed discussion in an informal atmosphere.

We expect 150 delegates to attend this one-day symposium.
Sponsorship opportunities and exhibition packages are outlined here.

Louise Tratt                                           
Executive Officer
British Neuroscience Association

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