Biology of Brain Disorders, 28-29th June 2016, Trinity College Dublin


Biology of Brain Disorders 2016 (BBD 2016) is a workshop that will be run on the 28th and the 29th of June 2016 in Dublin. The workshop will have international experts giving talks on the latest developments neurobiology of a range of Brain Disorders. Specifically the talks will engage with basic mechanisms that underpin the onset and the progression of the disorders as well as identifying unique molecular mechanisms that are specific to a given disorder.

During this two day workshop the international speakers will present advances in a number of basic biological mechanism involved in Brain Disorders including the disorder’s neurogenetics, neuroimmunity, epigenetics, plasticity and new technologies that may help in examining these conditions.

The aim of the workshop is to present a better understanding of these disorders that will help encourage new research and possible new avenues for therapeutic interventions. In many ways this is an ideal platform for students of all levels to enhance their own knowledge and discover the latest research directions in Brain Disorders.

We hope that BBD 2016 will help to update the scientific communities’ understanding of these Brain Disorders and to open up possibilities for collaboration between the attending scientists, medical researchers and industry partners using this workshop as an interface for the participants.

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