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In this section, we aim to invite academics to write brief biographical sketches of some key figures in the history of Irish neuroscience. If you know of any other historical figures in Irish neuroscience that you would like to see featured here, then please email us at

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Biographical Sketches that will feature here in the future are listed below:

George Berkeley (1685-1753) – Fiona Newell (TCD)

Gordon Morgan Holmes (1876-1965) – Tim Lynch (IICN)

Jonathan Osborne (1794-1864) – Sean Commins (MU)

Robert Bentley Todd (1809-1860) – Kevin Mitchell (TCD)

Robert Foster Kennedy (1884-1952) – Rebecca McLoughlin

William Thornley Stoker (1845-1912)

Daniel Frederick Rambaut (1865-1938)

Richard Robert Leeper

Saint Aed Mac Bricc (?-589)

William Molyneux (1656-1698)

William O’Shaughnessy (1809-1889)